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D2+PLUS® is a product unlike any other on the market today. This is a product that derives or gives benefit to the user not by adding energy into the fuel but by providing a way that all the fuel is burned and friction is reduced so power is increased resulting in more miles to the gallon. There are a number of chemicals in the additive and they do the following.

  • First, there are friction reducers or lubricity enhancers. What they do is reduce the drag on the upper end or the hot side of the combustion chamber that in turn directly relates to an increase in power.
  • Second, there are chemicals that combine with the fuel molecules allowing for complete combustion of the fuel. This is particularly important in lower grades of diesel where ignition takes place at very high compression and particulate matter (which is unburned fuel) is developed. The chemical process provides for a dispersion of the fuel and the almost complete combustion of the fuel (99.9%).
  • Third, there are other chemicals that clean the low temperature side of the fuel system (fuel tank, lines, pump and injectors) which then enhance the thorough and complete fuel transfer. These chemicals also act as a cleaning agent of carbon deposits that have been deposited onto the internal surfaces of the combustion chamber and exhaust manifolds.

The results are more power, which can be translated to better fuel economy. The results are less smoke because smoke is almost eliminated. The final true results are savings in maintenance because parts, especially fuel pumps and other injector parts, operate for a much longer time.

The improvements in fuel economy (more miles per gallon) have ranged from 2% up to 22%. In some countries, other than the United States, with poor quality engine maintenance and poor quality fuel, reports of a 30% increase in economy have been made on a repeated basis (eg. India and Mexico).

The product has to pay for itself or people won't use it. It is a very costly chemical mix, but in the final analysis it has to pay for itself in fuel savings and in reduction of maintenance costs for you the customer to buy it.

Most products on the market today actually increase the explosion combustion temperature and create more shock and therefore more wear on the inside of the combustion chamber. There are no chemicals in the product (such as xzylene or toluene) which inherently bring more energy into the combustion chamber. D2+PLUS® is just the opposite. Although the internal temperature is higher because all the fuel is burned, the exhaust temperature is lower because there is no particulate or unburned fuel emitted carrying heat with it.

Benefits from D2+PLUS® accumulate over time and should be used continuously. It is not a onetime product but something we believe diesel refiners should be putting into their diesel today.


We are so sure you'll love this product that we back it with our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the unused portion for a FULL REFUND.

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