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D2+PLUS® is in use in thousands of engines throughout the U.S. and the world. Here are a few letters from our customers who are enjoying increased performance and decreased maintenance as the result of using D2+PLUS® . (To read the original letters, click on the small images.)

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BRG Racing and Dyno Services

January 28, 2004

To Whom it May Concern:

My name is K.C. Gager, and I own BRG Racing & Dyno Services in Concord, CA. Pete Santina from D2+PLUS asked us to test his fuel additive for diesels. Now I've been in this line of work since 1973, and have seen all kinds of fuel and oil additives come down the road. All having various kinds of claims of how it/they were going to make your vehicle run better and get better fuel mileage, and so on. So when Mr. Santina asked us to try out this fuel additive, I looked at it with a very skeptical eye. I was not comfortable putting anything like this D2+PLUS into a customer's car and or truck. So I decided to put the D2+PLUS in to my own 2000 F250 Ford Power Stroke Diesel. We started by following the instruction on the bottle. With a complete fill up of 29 gallons, we added 3 ounces of D2+PLUS, and then started to drive. Now the information that I'm putting forth here is all antidotal and I have no firm evidence that anything is different other than the truck seems to be running smoother. I reset my fuel gauge and started to keep a close eye on the fuel mileage. Now I have been driving this truck since it was new, and I have a pretty good idea how far I can go on a tank of fuel. Up until the time that I put D2+PLUS in, a tank of fuel would last about 375 to maybe 400 miles, which would figure out to around 14 miles per gallon. With D2+PLUS, I am able to go 485 to 500 miles per gallon. That is around 17 MPG, and please keep in mind, this is city driving. .

Now here is the odd part of the story. I own a Mustang Factory Pro Dyno Business, when my truck was pretty new we put in on the Dyno to check the horsepower. Three years later, after running 2 full tanks of fuel with D2+PLUS, I put it up on the Dyno,again to see what changes there were in the power delivery. I figured that surely the truck must be making more HP. After doing a couple of pulls on the Dyno, to my surprise there was only a small difference in horsepower, and the trorque was only marginally better.

Now at present, as per Pete's instructions, I stopped using D2+PLUS for 2 tanks full. The truck has gone back to its standard fuel mileage of 14mpg. I will be putting the truck back on the Dyno to get a more current baseline. In closing after seeing the improvement in my mileage, I will be using D2+PLUS in my truck f rom now on.


Owner: K.C.Gager, Clayton, CA 94517

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C.D. Matthes Inc
Hart-Ransom Union Elementary School

January 1, 2000

Keith Wellington
2100 Standiford Ave. #E-7
Modesto, CA 95350

Dear Mr Wellington:

In 1989 Hart-Ransom started using D2 + Plus in our buses. At Hart-Ransom we maintain seven buses for transporting pupils to and from school. Our fleet consists of 1 Crown and 6 Bluebirds. Our Crown has a Detroit engine, one Bluebird has Cat 3208 and the rest have Cummins engines.

The Detroit and the Cat engines smoked badly prior to using D2 + Plus. After a couple of months of using D2 + Plus these two buses appeared not to be smoking, as bad as they had before using your product.

In 1998 and 1999 I took our buses and had an opacity test. Below are the results:

Bus# 1998 Smoke Test 1999 Smoke Test
10 14.2% 20.7%
14 40.9% 15.5%
15 9.6% 11.3%
16 9.0% 1.73%
17 1.1% 0.0%
18 10.0% Was not done
19 Was not done Was not done

Bus 10 is a standby bus, rarely used and puts on very few miles per year. Bus #15 has very low mileage and was also up percentage wise. I was real pleased with the other three buses.

It appears that the more miles put on the buses, the better the results. Now that I have seen these results we will contiue use of the D2 + Plus.

Ronald Ball
Maintenance, Operations & Transportation
Hart-Ransom Union School

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C.D. Matthes Inc
Curtis Matthes
(C.D. Matthes, Inc.)
September 21, 1999

Keith Wellington
Fuel Quality Management
P.O. Box 4508
Modesto, CA 95352

Dear Keith:

In all of the years in the trucking business, I haven't put much credence in fliel treatments, until now. When you first approached us with D2+PLUS we were skeptical but when we saw some evidence of improvement in my diesel Ford Pickup we decided to test it in our fleet of 18 trucks for 30 days. Our trucks range from 1993 to 1999 and all but two have electronic engine controls. The first noticeable change occurred when one of our drivers that runs the Fresno to Chino route all the time with a 1995 3176 Caterpillar came in and made a comment about how much less fuel he was using and wanted to know why. So we took a look at the fuel consumption readings to see if there was any improvement in miles per gallon. To our amazement they improved 60/0. He normally would use about 72 gals. for the Chino run. Now they are using 66 gals. We also found our two 93 L10's had increased by 8%. We expect similar or better results on the rest of the fleet when we get a chance to look at everything. We estimate a conservative $14,000.00 in fuel savings per year.

Needless to say, we are very satisfied with your product and plan to continue using it in our fleet. If you would like to use our name as a reference to other trucking fleets, we would be more than happy to share our results.

Curtis Matthes
C.D. Matthes, Inc.
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George Lauffer
Sept. 30, 1998

Fuels Plus, Inc.
San Ramon, Ca

Subject: Fuel Additive D2+PLUS

Dear Sirs:

I have a motorhome, Model # 12J, 1996 American Tradition that has approximately 24,000 miles.

The engine is a diesel with 250 horsepower.

I have been using your additive for the last 13,000 miles and have found excellent results as follows:

My fuel consumption before use of your product was 8.2 mpg. It is now after use of your product 9.6 mpg

In addition I have noted that my engine no longer smokes, I feel more power, I am very pleased with the results and I will continue to use your product on a regular basis.

Very truly yours,

George Lauffer

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Kercher Farms

Roann, Indiana

January 30, 2004

Kercher Farms
13843 N 400 E
Roann, Indiana 46974

574-893-4589 engines@hoosierlink.net

I have a 1460 International 1982 combine that has 2900 hours on the machine. The engine is a 436-turbo diesel with a six row head used for harvesting corn. After putting the D@+PLUS Accelerator in my combine, I found that it increased my fuel efficiency by approximately 20%.

While the combine was shelling, loaded with corn, the RPM's did not drop even when pulling hills. In addition, the engine ran smoother and produced very little smoke. This proved to me the additive was effective in boosting the engines power potential.

I am pleased with the results of the D2+PLUS Diesel Accelerator and I will continue to used this product in all my diesel-powered equipment on a regular basis.

Dick Kercher, Farmer
Roann, Indiana

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Gerald Boelens
(Cummins Turbo Diesel)
September 22, 1998

Fuels Plus, Inc.
P.O. Box 2880
San Ramon, Ca. 94583

Dear Sirs:

My 1991 Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel had 138,000+ miles before using D2+PLUS.

The first tank of fuel treated with D2+PLUS reduced diesel noise to an all time low.

The power increase was noticeable, and it now is getting almost 2 MPG better mileage than before using D2+PLUS.

D2+PLUS is now used in every vehicle I drive.

Thanks for a product that truly works!

Very Truly Yours,

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