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D2+PLUS® is registered with the U.S. EPA as a Fuel Additive, as recorded in the following letter from Charles Freed, Director or the EPA's Fuels and Energy Division:

Letter from EPA Director Charles Freed"Fuels Plus, Inc."
3150 Danville Blvd Alamo, CA 94507

Dear President:

Pursuant to your Fuel Additive Notification, dated 01 July 1997 and received on 14 August 1997, the following fuel additive has been registered in accordance with the regulations for the Registration of Fuels and Fuel Additives at 40 CFR 79:

1724-0001 D2+Plus

Note that per 40 CFR 79.21(f) you would be required to notify the Environmental Protection Agency, Fuels and Fuel Additives Registration Program, in writing, if certain information provided in your notification were to change.

In addition, note that with your notification you have provided assurances that you will not represent, directly or indirectly, in any notice, circular, letter, or other written communication, or any written, oral, or pictorial notice or other announcement in any publication or by radio or television, that registration of this fuel additive constitutes endorsement, certification, or approval by any agency of the United States.

If you have any questions, please call the Fuels and Fuel Additives Registration Program at (202) 233-9754.


Charles N. Freed
Fuels and Energy Division"

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