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D2+PLUS ® is in use in thousands of engines throughout the U.S. and the world. Here are a few letters from our customers who are enjoying increased performance and decreased maintenance as the result of using D2+PLUS ® . (To read the original letters, click on the small images.)

People just like you are using
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Elan Industries
September 20, 1998

Fuels Plus, Inc.
P.O. Box
San Ramon, CA

Subject: Fuel Additive D2+PLUS

Dear Sirs:

I have a 1987 Ford Van, model Club Wagon X LT 1 -ton, extended, that has approximately 230,000 miles. The engine is a gasoline with about 460 horsepower.

I have been using your additive for the last 1200 miles and have found excellent results as follows:

My fuel consumption before use of your product was 10 mpg.

It is now after use of your product 11 1/2 mpg.

In addition, I have noted that my engine runs smoother, no longer smokes, and I feel more power. I am very pleased with the results and I will continue to use your product on a regular basis.

Very truly yours,

John Henry

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City of Walnut Creek, California
City of Walnut Creek, California

D2+PLUS® has been added to the diesel fuel of all these pieces of equipment in the last two years. There have been no repairs necessary attributed to the fuel on any equipment. Also, none of the equipment smokes and all engines run smooth and quiet.

Tom Churchill,
Fleet Manager

Click on the image to see a list of equipment using D2+PLUS® in Walnut Creek.

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Kaarlo J. Poikonen
Mercedes Owner
March 12, 1998

I worked on
the President of Fuels Plus Inc. 's 560 SEL 1990 `Mercedes and it had 141,820 miles on it. I removed all of the fuel injectors and replaced them. He told me that the injectors had been replaced at 51,232 miles and so there was over 90,000 miles on these injectors. He also told me that through this entire period he was using Shell gasoline with his D2+Plus additive at a ratio of one ounce per 10 gallons. The injectors are almost brand new. They show very little if any sign of carbonization. I am amazed at how clean they are. I would recommend this product to anyone and sell it to my customers.

Kaarlo J. Poikonen
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Dinelli Farms

October 1997


I have been using D2 + Plus in my total farming operation for the past year. It is used in all of my tractors, harvesters, and two pickup trucks with horsepower ranging from 60 to 245.

The results of D2 + Plus are astounding. I have noticed greater response at the throttle, improved fuel economy, a decrease in smoke, no injection problems, and an increased coverage of acres at the end of the working day.

I am satisfied with the results of D2 + Plus and I will continue to employ it in my future farming operations.


Gerald A. Dinelli, Dinelli Farms

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Handy Can of Berkeley
(Refuse Removal Fleet)
To whom it may concern:

This letter is an endorsement and a comment of interest for the fuel additive "D2+PLUS," Diesel accelerator, that we have been recently using in our fleet of refuse removal vehicles for HANDY CAN OF BERKELEY.

Since we have been using this fuel additive product, we have noticed smoother running vehicles with a noticeable increase in power. Also, our gallons per hour ratio has improved!

We hope to continue to use this fuel additive/accelerator product, as long as this formula is available through our local retail merchant here in Martinez.

Thank you once again for a product that seems to work so well for our vehicle needs.


Rick Allan, Manager
Handy Can of Berkeley

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Auto Parts Emporium
Dear CEO of Fuels Plus Inc ,

In all of my experience as a retail/wholesale Auto parts Distributor, many products are brought to my attention - each claiming that, "this is the best" or "you will have a difficult time keeping enough stock on the shelf'. Nine times out of ten the product never turns out to be the "savior" they claim it to be. The only difficulty I have is keeping the dust off of the container.

In the ever changing industry of this business we must take certain risks in order to find that "best" product, which is not only good for the customer that purchases it but also good for the store that sells it. After all, customer satisfaction is our Number One goal. A satisfied customer will continue to be our customer.

Eight months ago you approached me with your product D2 + PLUS. After our conversation I found myself sharing your enthusiasm for the product and was anxious to get it on the shelf.

It not only turned out to be our #1 fuel additive, but from comments I hear such as "This is an overhaul in a bottle!" and "I get four more miles per gallon and what an increase in power!" and "This is in a league all by itself', it is clearly obvious the customer is satisfied. Sometimes people come into my store only to buy this product. I sell roughly around five (5) cases a month - which is great! I find that it cleans so well that I noticed an increase in fuel filter sales, which is good for me. A satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

You definitely have a product that "breeds" customer satisfaction. When a customer comes in and asks what is the "best" fuel additive/accelerator for them, I reply - with the same enthusiasm and honesty you have for your product - that it is D2 + PLUS.

Thank You.


Patrick Bisio
Manager, Auto Parts Emporium

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Z/Road Wrencher
September 20, 1995

Dear Sirs:

I have been using D2+ on my service truck (1989 International F1900 Truck [DTA 466]) for the past 4,000 miles. I must say that I was a little leery about using a fuel additive on my service truck. In my line of work I, and a lot of other people count on my truck. But my fears where unwarranted. I have nothing but good things to say about D2+ and I have gotten a lot of my customers to start using your product. Here are my observations of D2+.

1. Significant reduction of smoke

2. Increase in fuel economy

3. Better performance (more power)

4. The engine runs a lot quieter

Before using D2+ my truck was averaging 6.28 miles per gallon. After my first tank of fuel with D2+ in it I got 7.5 miles per gallon. After using D2+ for 4,000 miles it has leveled out at 8.98 miles per gallon. My savings in fuel alone, more than outweigh the cost of this product. I have now started using D2+ on my second service truck, and I will keep you posted on the results.


Robert J. Zidek, Owner

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Wade's Mobile Wash, Inc.
June 13, 1995

President and CEO
Fuels Plus INC.

Dear Sir,

I have just completed a 4 month trial comparison test on the D2+ Plus Diesel Accelerator. I tested your product in my 1990 Ford Van that utilizes a 7.3 liter diesel engine and has 140,000 miles on it. The results are as follows:

1. Significant Increase in Power

2. Better gas mileage( 14 miles per gallon versus previous 12 miles per gallon.)

3. Quieter running engine.

4. Easier startup of engine and elimination of smoking(air emissions)

I am now convinced that this product is safe to utilize on my vehicles and definitely cost effective. Several of my current customers are also now testing your product per my recommendations resulting with the same and even better results on their fuel efficiency and reduction of smoke emissions.


Wade L. Akers

President, Wades Mobile Wash INC.

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Reliable Craneand Rigging
April 4, 1995

President and CEO
Fuels Plus Inc.

Subject: Trial Use of Diesel Additive

Dear Sir:

At your request, we have just completed a trial use of the diesel fuel additive, D2+PLUS. We have had the additive included in four (4) pieces of equipment; a 1983 GM Suburban with a GM diesel engine, a 30-ton Lorain Crane, a 50-ton Grove Crane, and a 3-axle Peterbilt Transporter.

This test has been on-going for the past forty-five (45) days and our results are as follows:

1. All engines show significant increase in power and are significantly smoother running.

2. The Grove Crane gets a greater RPM under a load and better gas mileage.

3. Both crane operators indicate significant improvement in operation and longer uphill pulls before shifting.

4. The Suburban has increased power.

We have discontinued use of current additives and will now use D2+PLUS in all our diesel equipment which includes seven drill rigs, thirty cranes (three-quarters have two diesel engines), ten 3-axle tractors and two diesel pickups.

Very truly yours,

Bill Magee

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Stephen Olson (Personal Auto)

Fuels Plus, Inc.

I have just finished my third tank of diesel fuel using your product. Before using your product, I averaged about 25 miles per gallon from my Mercedes Turbo Diesel. On the first tank with your product my mileage per gallon increased to slightly over 28 miles per gallon but what was most noticeable to me was the increase in power and acceleration.

For example, before using your product, from a dead stop at the Dunne Avenue on ramp to highway 101 I would barely reach 50 miles per hour by the time I had to merge with traffic. Using your product, I have no trouble reaching 60 plus miles an hour.

With the second and third tanks I am getting over 29 miles per gallon.

I'm sold.


Steven D. Olson

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