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D2+PLUS® is in use in thousands of engines throughout the U.S. and the world. Here are a few letters from our customers who are enjoying increased performance and decreased maintenance as the result of using D2+PLUS® . (To read the original letters, click on the small images.)

Read what another satisfied customer had to say


Chris Bearden

October 30, 2007

That was my initial reaction to my mechanic's suggestion that I add D2+ to the fuel in my water truck. Reading the product's directions, I didn't really believe that adding one ounce of anything for each ten gallons of diesel would improve any engine's performance. I truck water to my neighbors in the summer when local water wells do not produce as much as desired, and one very steep “billy goat hill” which I had pulled with a full load (2500 gallons) last year, I was unable to make at the beginning of this last summer. I changed my fuel filters, which helped but did not completely correct the problem. After adding D2+ , I was able to once again take a load of water up these hills as before, but even easier. The water truck is a 1995 International with a DT466 engine, 2500 gallon water tank, and Eaton 10 speed transmission.

I next tried D2+ in my 1988 Freightliner FL112, with a Cummins 365 “Big Cam 400” and Eaton 9 speed transmission with overdrive, with which I pull two walking floor trailers and a fairly consistent total GVW of 80,000 lbs. My initial results were an immediate 17.5% improvement in fuel economy, as well as a definite improvement in performance. After going to the FuelsPlusInc.com website, and subsequently meeting with the owner of Fuels Plus , I purchased the oil additive SL+ , and used that in the Freightliner truck as well. My initial improvement in fuel efficiency was an additional13.5%, improving my total efficiency to 31%. I now make four trips with the Freightliner truck and trailers with the fuel I used to make three trips in the past. As well, I am now showing further improvement in fuel efficiency, to close to 40%. The truck runs smoother, is quieter, and certainly appears to have more power, as I am pulling the same hills either in a higher gear or a higher RPM than previously.

I now use both Fuels Plus products in all of my equipment and vehicles. My Dodge Ram 1 ton dually quad cab 4 wheel drive has improved to 22 MPG over the freeway unloaded. My two front end loaders and back hoe run smoother, cooler, quieter, more fuel efficient, and do not smoke. Our Dodge Durango has improved fuel economy by 12% (2006 with the 5.7 liter Hemi engine). A friend uses SL+ in her 2006 Denali , and has improved fuel economy better than 10% while pulling her trailer with two large horses.

I highly recommend the use of Fuels Plus Inc. products by everyone to improve their vehicle's fuel efficiency, protect their vehicle's engines, help the environment, and help protect against further global warming by producing less pollutants, AS WELL AS SAVING MONEY!!!

Remember, these products come with a money back guarantee (which to my knowledge, to date has never been requested from the manufacturer).



Chris Bearden

Briones , California

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